Breakouts + Workshops

Design Greenhouse

Join us Saturday morning for an exciting Design Greenhouse workshop where you will learn how to harness the power of competition to unleash innovative solutions for some of the world’s Grand Challenges.

You will learn about competitions, then design your own Challenge around one of three topic areas.

All of the student-designed Challenges will be considered for further development, with the aim of launching one or more of these as a global competition for the EMBC community to solve. 

This immersive design thinking workshop will be conducted by Carrot, a leader in using Challenges to inspire young innovators to solve real-world problems using science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Ethics Workshop

 Join us for an in-depth conversation and round table discussion of ethical challenges encountered when designing for human health.   Discoveries and advancements are enabling and extending our abilities – how do we best understand and address these changes?  Participate in this session to consider the effect of future ability and our changing world. 

Hall of Dragons

The best way to predict the future is to invent it!  Alan Kay of Xerox PARC echoing ideas from many cultures and traditions in taking an active role to convert ideas into practice.

When the future is unknown- on maps were marked “here their be dragons” for the place of the unknown and the frontier.  With today’s frontiers of knowledge ranging from the nanoscale to the universal scale, the fields of bioengineering for the body, the brain, the heart, the organs, muscles, nerves, and genetics are continuing to expand the fields of human capability.

In this session we are calling the Hall of Dragons, we will meet to explore where ideas meet entrepreneurs and explore potential future, in this session, we will imaging the future world- Earth’s cities extended through expansion and development, undersea exploration, air & climate, and space.  As ideas are sparked, pitch them to our panel and explore the possibilities for future journeys. 

Human Factors

The principles of design thinking are of key importance to identifying clinical needs and developing innovative solutions.  Join us to exercise these skills in an interactive workshop with clinicians and design thinkers

Lab Startup

Startup and entrepreneurship require the application of creativity to turn ideas into new capacity. In this session we will explore how a startup can function as a lab, with experiments being conducted in both environments to continually learn, test, and change hypotheses.  How to establish your own lab using the principles of entrepreneurship?  Join us for this session to apply these models to address design challenges through lab design and deployment.